Future-focused, human-
centered experience design

WORKSHOP is an experience design agency activating on fundamental shifts in the modern marketplace.

We embrace what's next to craft experiences,
products, and physical environments.


Beauty in the places, people, and products. 

The online world now extends to a seamless offline environment. Devices now have a passive and an active presence with you at all times. People curate the individual products, places, and experiences they want. 

Emerging technology; we think so.  

We have a foundation developing experiences that touch every corner of the consumer marketplace; fashion, music, healthcare, athletics and more. Our love for designing and building beautiful things is coupled with a passion for emerging technology. We thrive on seamlessly integrating digital experiences into the physical world and fundamentally changing the way consumers (and clients) benefit from it.

We converge the awe of technology and the tactile sense of place through the useful application of emerging solutions such as: beacons, proximity sensors, RFID tech, SMART™ Retail Fixtures, robotics, and digital displays.

All of this technology beautifully blends with original WORKSHOP designs to elevate your brand and engage your customers.

Extraordinary talent, decades of experience.

Our people have worked with some of the most innovative brands in the modern marketplace. 

WORKSHOP is a master of the fundamentals of consumer branding and retailing. We know how to navigate the retail landscape. We are fluent in the requirements of safety, security, fixture fabrication, inventory, connectivity, product transitions and overall functionality in a consumer setting. We have experience launching new brands in most leading retailers throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. We can also facilitate and manage the design and build of standalone brands in every major consumer market.

The WORKSHOP team has partnered with some of the most influential brands in today's marketplace. We thrive on developing long-lasting relationships and gaining an unmatched understanding of each client's culture and business strategy. 

Josh Hanson / Principal